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Charter Members

The Founding Members of the Society.

Composed of 20 chemical engineering students who envisioned an academic hub for chemical engineering students and built the very foundation of the organization that is still standing strong for over 36 years.

From its 20 founding members, the Society has grown into a wide network of chemical engineering students and alumni that continuously strive for excellence and greater heights.



  1. ALPHA: α-Catalyst

  2. BETA: β-Pentavalent

  3. GAMMA: γ-Jeux d' Epirit

  4. DELTA: δ-Circloid

  5. EPSILON: ε-Pentagrid

  6. ZETA: ζ-Hexachelates

  7. ETA: η-Hexamers

  8. THETA: θ-Kinetics

  9. IOTA: ι-Agate

  10. KAPPA: κ-Chatelier

  11. Lambda: λ-Ekta

  12. MU: μ-Octahomolog

  13. NU: ν-Symphoria

  14. XI: ξ-Zussamen

  15. OMICRON: ο-Anthraquinone

  16. PI: π-Radicals

  17. RHO: ρ-Synergy

  18. SIGMA: σ-Xanthates

  19. TAU: τ-Eutectics

  20. UPSILON: υ-Azeotrope

  21. PHI: φ-Amphoteros

  22. CHI: χ-Zeolites

  23. PSI: ψ-Nexus

  24. OMEGA: ω-Internos Ad Infinitum

Honorary Members

Sixto Ver Valencia

Rex Demafelis

Mark Pierre Orolfo

Butch Bataller

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