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“After 5 years in college and a few years in the industry, I can now briefly define chemical engineering as the field of developing processes for mass production, incorporating the disciplines of physics, chemistry, biology, and economics. In the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products, chemical engineering has impacts on selection of raw materials, equipment and settings, processes, facilities and environment, and has direct effect on the properties (safety, purity and efficacy), yield and value of the final product, as well as to reduction of waste and increasing the overall production efficiency. Chemical engineering is there from start to finish, and will continue to be involved in continuous process improvement and endless product innovations.” - Von Verlyn Villanueva, Gamma Lambda Isotactic

What is ‘chemical engineering’?

“There is no such thing as an easy course. Chemical Engineering will be very challenging, although if you put in the effort, if you give it your all, if you truly love Chemical Engineering, you will pull through.” - Frances Elaisah de Salit, Gamma Lambda Isotactic

“Truth is, it will have its difficult moments, just like in every engineering course. But I hope it helps to know that our ChE graduates were once high school students, too.” - James Patrick Lopez, Gamma Omicron Phlyzein

Is chemical engineering hard?

The organization is based on the University of the Philippines - Los Baños.

Where is the organization based?

First, you must be at least a registered ChE student to join the organization. Our application period is from the start of every semester (1st, 2nd and summer). We will publicize when we'll start accepting applicants. You can even apply before the advertisement as long as the sem starts. If you are interested, just contact or approach any SChemES members for more details.

I want to join your organization. How can I be a member of UPLB SChemES?

Only UPLB SChemES members are accepted to be members of this website. A UPLB SChemES member can sign-up in the "Member's Portal" portion at the homepage.

How can I be a member of this website?

Yes. All active resident members of the organization are students.

Are all the resident members students?

Kindly email us at or just contact/approach any UPLB SChemES member. See Contact Us for more details.

How can I contact the organization?

Yes, we have! The UPLB SChemES Alumni Association is an established organization duly recognized by the Securities and Exchange Commission. It is an avenue for our alumni to bridge their help to the organization and its members.

Does UPLB SChemES have an established alumni association?

News and updates about UPLB SChemES are posted in the News section of this website. You can also like and follow UPLB SChemES’ on many social media platforms. 

Where can I get news and updates about UPLB SChemES on the Internet?

You can find the tambayan of UPLB SChemES at the CEAT Lounge in the corner block just behind the Chemical Engineering Building.

Where can I find the 'tambayan' of UPLB SChemES?

Yes, The organization also does outreach programs every year that enables it to give back to the community. Although this has been put on hold due to the pandemic.

Do you do charity work?

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