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36 years of lakas, lupit, astig

The birth of UPLB SChemES


In September 1986, twenty chemical engineering students founded an organization exclusive for chemical engineering students with the hopes of being the leading academic organization in chemical engineering by providing and holding valuable events, programs and seminars that are geared towards nation building, human advancement through engineering and exploration of scientific knowledge. The Society started chasing its goal by creating new activities and events such as Meet the Board, Legal Minds, Ultimate ChEllenge, and many more.

First Natural Science
Quiz Show



In the pursuit of academic excellence, the first Natural Science Quiz Show or NatSci was created in 1996. It was a quiz show for high school students that tackles the foundation subjects of chemical engineering such as mathematics, physics,
chemistry and biology.

UPLB SChemES Joins


The Philippine Institute of Chemical Engineers - Junior Chapter Luzon is the umbrella organization of all the recognized chapter organizations in Luzon. Since then, UPLB SchemES has been an active part of PIChE JCL by sending members to be representatives and take part as officers of the Executive Board.

First Meet the Board and First Power Quiz



MTB and PQ were established in 2004. Meet the Board or MTB is an annual nationwide forum that invites PRC's Board of Chemical Engineering to provide lectures on the scope of the examinations and career opportunities for chemical engineers.

Power Quiz is one of the highly sought after general quiz shows in UPLB for its
big prizes.


First Legal Minds


LM, as it is commonly known, is an inter-department engineering debate catering student representatives from all engineering degree programs of the university. It tackles relevant engineering issues, ethics and recent breakthroughs in technology that affect the field engineering.

First Sayagham: Regional Congress and First Ultimate ChEllenge

tinta ng kaisipan.jpg


Putting together NatSci, Tinta ng Kaisipan and Likhang Daliri resulted to the birth of Sayagham. This was UPLB schem ES regional congress offering to CALABARZON's high school students.

In the same year, the very first installment of Ultimate ChEllenge (UChE) was conducted. UChE is a chemical engineering quiz contest for UPLB students that covers foundation courses in chemical engineering.


First National Inter-collegiate Chemical Engineering Event


The very first NIChE was conducted in 2014 as a national summit composed of symposiums and an expanded installment of The Society's very own Ultimate ChEllenge. NIChE stands up until today as one of The Society's greatest milestones after its nationwide recognition and will continue to do so as it continuously commits itself in the endless pursuit of academic and professional excellence.

First Pathfinder: National Symposium


Featuring exceptional engineers of UPLB as speakers, Pathfinder is a career orientation webinar to inspire and motivate high school students to enter the promising field of engineering.

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