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Notable Alumni

Brod Albert Samuela.jpg

"How did UPLB SChemES prepare you for the professional world?"

​As a past President and member of UPLB SChemES, I learned how to live with competing priorities and integrate academics, social and personal life and org responsibilities.  I learned how to manage projects, handle teams of different personalities and complementing strengths, communicate with different stakeholders, solve problems, and improve processes.  SChemES also helped develop my self-confidence and leadership skills. The best thing about learning in SChemES is that you learn while you enjoy, not even noticing that you are developing yourself already. I learned to accept failures and rejections, then move forward. We were inspired then with simple accomplishments, without realizing that we were already achieving big things. These are things that made me adapt to ‘work life’ easily.  I will always remember, with a smile in my face, learning experiences at SChemES that brought me to where I am right now in my career and professional life.


Engr. Albert Samuela, ASEAN Eng

Batch Alpha Iota - Allotrope

Chemical Engineering Board Exam Topnotchers

Apollo Arquiza - 1st   

Russel Manoto - 3rd    

Jernel Patena - 3rd   

Ramon Emil Olea - 4th   

Marius Siegfried Convite - 5th   

Katrina Maria Tobias - 5th    

Erwin Tristan Tapay (2008) - 6th    

Ariz Lorenzana - 7th    

Julius Maravilla - 7th    

Edilbuerto Alcanzare - 8th    

Alvin Valdeabella - 10th   

Myra Gumasing-Borines - 10th  

Cecile Hernandez - 10th   

Loveleen Azul - 10th  

Manuel Christian Caparas (2019) - 10th   

Maricar B. Lagrada (2021) - 7th   

Frances Elaisah C. De Salit (2021) - 5th    

Chemical Technician
Board Exam Topnotchers

Jaren U. Tulipan (2021) - 8th    

Mark Julius M. Casal (2021) - 8th    

Kathleen Lou A. Tapang (2021) - 9th    

Latin Honors

Apollo Arquiza  - Magna Cum Laude (4 Years & a Summer)

Erwin Tristan Tapay - Magna Cum Laude

Edilbuerto Alcanzare - Magna Cum Laude
Miguel Bungalon (2023) - Magna Cum Laude

Robin Abinoja - Cum Laude

Albert John Enrico Dominguez - Cum Laude

Leozar Herrera - Cum Laude

Jernel Pateña (2011) - Cum Laude

Ariz Lorenzana - Cum Laude

Alvin Valdeabella - Cum Laude

Glenn Villena Latag (2013) - Cum Laude

Josef Raemiel Limpiada (2016) - Cum Laude

Manuel Christian Caparas (2019) - Cum Laude

Frances Elaisah de Salit (2020) - Cum Laude

Maricar Lagrada (2020) - Cum Laude

Ian Kaye Limson (2023) - Cum Laude

Alumni in UPLB Faculty
Alumni in UPLB Faculty
Ma'am Myra.jpg

Batch Theta Kinetics

Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, UPLB


Sir RC.jpg

Batch Alpha Upsilon Orthotropic

Associate Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, UPLB


Academe-Industry Linkage Committee Chair

mam db.jpg

Batch Lambda Ekta

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, UPLB



Batch Alpha Catalyst

Associate Professor, Department of Engineering Science, UPLB


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