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Meet the Board

Meet the Board, or MTB, is an annual national forum held and facilitated by the Professional Regulation Commision (PRC) Board of Chemical Engineers to provide lectures on the scope of the examinations and career opportunities for chemical engineers.


The first ever Meet the Board was held in 2004.

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Pathfinder is a national symposium catering to senior high  school students with the sole purpose of inspiring and motivating them to enter the promising field of engineering based on the meaningful testimonies provided by different guest speakers.

The first ever Pathfinder was held in 2021.

Legal Minds

Legal Minds, or LM as it is commonly known, is an interdepartmental engineering debate catering to student representatives from all engineering degree programs of the university. It tackles relevant engineering issues, ethics and breakthroughs in technology that affect the field of engineering. 


The first ever Legal Minds was held in 2007.

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Ultimate ChEllenge

Ultimate ChEllenge, or UChE, is a chemical engineering quiz contest of UPLB students that covers foundation courses in chemical engineering.


The first ever Ultimate ChEllenge was held in 2013.


External Review ChEssions

The External Review ChEssions are study sessions done in order to help struggling students better understand the courses they are taking. These “ChEssions” encompass topics often considered by students as difficult in some general foundation courses and as well as higher ChE courses.


Open Tambayan

Open Tambayan, or OT, is one of the ways of the Society to provide avenues for interaction among students and other university constituents. It is a place where people can fill up their stomach, heart, and soul through good food, good times, and good company.

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Virtual Exhibit

An annual visual presentation of a chemical engineering related topic which is presented in a themed display that is made accessible to the public online. Last year’s theme revolved around exploring the potential of renewable energy in the field of Circular Economy in order to promote waste eradication and efficient energy use.


New Freshman Orientation

The New Freshmen Orientation is an event organized by the UPLB Department of Chemical Engineering, with the help of the UPLB Society of Chemical Engineering Students at the start of the academic year, in order to welcome the incoming batch of chemical engineering students. This serves as the chemical engineering freshman’s guide to their degree program, the department, and the fundamental rules of the college as well.

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CET Review

Review sessions conducted by the organization to help senior high school students prepare for their respective college entrance tests. Handouts are given and review sessions are conducted which consists of pre-tets, lectures, and simulation tests giving the participants an a complete reviewing experience.



Outreach Program

This is one of the ways the Society stays true to its objective in contributing to the advancement of the Philippine community through the application of chemical engineering.

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Study Grant Program

It is a given that not everyone is given the same opportunities, and the Society makes sure that no student is left behind in its pursuit of professional and academic excellence.

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