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UPLB SChemES showcases Carbon Capture Technology on 37th Anniversary Exhibit

Following its 37 years of establishment, the UPLB Society of Chemical Engineering Students (UPLB SChemES) launched its annual exhibit with this year's theme "Beyond Emissions: The Future of Carbon Capture and Utilization" as a way to inform the CEAT community of innovative and sustainable technologies, last September 26 to 29, 2023 at the CEAT Lobby.

In its opening ceremony, UPLB SChemES President Ms. Patricia Anne Mae Dalisay and Senior Adviser Assoc. Prof. Ramon Christian Eusebio led the unveiling of the 37th Exhibit with their opening remarks, and a succeeding ribbon cutting.

CCU is the mechanism of capturing unwanted carbon dioxide gas and further reusing it for either physical, chemical, biological, or mineralization purposes. It also has advantages of being focused on economic opportunities, and having several capture technology routes to choose from. However, it comes with challenges such as its energy requirement for conversion of carbon to products, cost-effectiveness, and temporary carbon storage.

Nevertheless, the future of this technology shows promise in the sustainable circular economy, by first addressing the issues of CCU, as it lessens the impacts of hydrocarbon combustion in climate change.

The 37th Anniversary Exhibit continues to uphold the goals and values of The Society after its return to a physical set-up since the pandemic.

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